Cycling 2019

EU countries agree migrant resettlement plan

MIGRANTS -- Eight member countries of the European Union have agreed to a new “solidarity mechanism” proposed by Germany and France to share the resettlement of migrants rescued in the Mediterranean.

In addition to France and Germany, Finland, Luxemburg, Portugal, Lithuania, Croatia and Ireland had signalled an intention to move forward with a new system. Another six nations backed the plan in principle.

Next UK premier faces crises at home and abroad

UNITED KINGDOM -- Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson faces an overflowing inbox: delivering Brexit, building a relationship with Donald Trump, deciding what to do about Iran -- and governing without a majority in parliament.

World events scheduled for August 2019 interactive

WORLD AGENDA -- The World Agenda gives a preview of world events scheduled for August, including Washington’s withdrawal from the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty and the G7 summit of industrialized nations in France.

World events scheduled for August print

WORLD AGENDA -- The print version of World Agenda gives a selection of world events scheduled for August, including the Hajj pilgrimage, and the annual summer conclave of Chinese leaders in Beidaihe to shape future policy.

Russia’s S-500 “ahead of schedule”

MILITARY -- Russia is poised to deploy its latest generation of air defence systems, the S-500 “Prometheus”, designed to intercept intercontinental ballistic missiles and capable of engaging aircraft and cruise missiles.

Chinese investment into U.S. plunges

BUSINESS -- Chinese foreign direct investment (FDI) in America has plummeted by almost 90 per cent since President Donald Trump took office, according to an independent researcher, the Rhodium Group.

Gulf incidents rattle shipping industry

MIDEAST -- Iranian authorities seized a British oil tanker in the Strait of Hormuz Friday, signalling an escalation in the strategic waterway that has become a flashpoint in tensions between Tehran and the West.

Jul 22: India’s Moon mission blasts off -- print

SPACE -- India’s lunar mission has blasted into space one week after a technical glitch forced scientists to abruptly halt its scheduled launch. Chandrayaan-2 lifted off at 0913GMT from Satish Dhawan space centre.

Harley-Davidson looks to electric future

MOTORING -- Harley-Davidson has launched its $30,000 LiveWire electric motorcycle. It is set to go on sale at 250 select Harley-Davidson dealers around the world in late September.

Vast Chinese loans pose risks to Africa

ECONOMY -- From 2000 to 2017, the Chinese government, banks and contractors extended $143 billion in loans to African governments to fund infrastructure projects built by Chinese companies.

Worst massacres in Japan in recent times

CRIME -- Thirty-three people were confirmed killed in an arson attack on an animation studio in Japan’s ancient capital of Kyoto on Thursday, making it the nation’s worst mass killing in 18 years.

Jul 30-31: U.S. Democratic debates

U.S. 2020 -- President Donald Trump’s campaign committee has raised over $124 million for his 2020 reelection campaign and has more cash on hand than any single Democratic primary candidate.

More than 820m people still going hungry

DEVELOPMENT -- The number of people going hungry has risen for the third year running to more than 820 million or one in nine people, according to a UN report that blames conflict, climate shocks and economic slowdowns.

Ebola confirmed in Congo’s eastern city of Goma

MEDICAL -- The deadly Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo has reached the crowded regional capital of Goma, raising fears that the epidemic which has infected 2,383 people and killed 1,655 could escalate.

NASA’s Artemis Moon mission -- print

SPACE -- Half a century after NASA sent men to the moon under project “Apollo,” the space agency is now working to land men and women on the lunar surface as part of its “Artemis” programme.

NASA’s Artemis Moon mission plans -- web

SPACE -- Half a century after NASA sent men to the moon under project “Apollo”, the space agency is now working to land men and women on the lunar surface as part of its “Artemis” programme.

China GDP grows at slowest rate since 1992

CHINA -- China’s economic growth has slumped to its lowest level since 1992, as the world’s second largest economy suffers from a prolonged trade war with the world’s largest economy – the United States.

India’s ongoing water crisis affects millions

ENVIRONMENT -- India’s sixth largest city, Chennai, is in crisis after its reservoirs and rivers ran dry. As many as 20 other conurbations face running out of groundwater by next year, affecting 100 million people.

Turkey-Cyprus gas dispute escalates

ENERGY -- Turkey has sent a second drilling ship to search for oil and gas close to Cyprus, in the Mediterranean, triggering a protests from Nicosia and calls from the EU and U.S. to halt drilling operations.

Meeting as Iran pushes limits of nuclear deal

IRAN -- Iran says that it will gradually scale back its adherence to the 2015 nuclear pact unless European signatories keep to their obligations to compensate Tehran for losses inflicted by U.S. sanctions.

BoJo and Hunt in race to be UK premier

POLITICS -- Boris Johnson, leader of the 2016 Brexit campaign, and former Remainer Jeremy Hunt are vying for the support of around 160,000 Conservative members to become Britain’s next prime minister.

NASA to fly drone on Saturn’s moon -- print

SPACE -- NASA is sending a nuclear-powered drone to Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, to explore multiple locations in search of pre-biotic chemical processes common on both Titan and Earth.

NASA to fly drone on Saturn’s moon -- web

SPACE -- NASA is sending a dual-quadcopter drone to explore the surface of Titan, Saturn’s largest moon. Named Dragonfly, the mission will search for hints of life on a world similar to primordial Earth.

The world’s mounting trash crisis

ENVIRONMENT -- Humans generated 1.8 billion tonnes of solid waste in 2016 (including 220 million tonnes of plastic), with about 5.3m tonnes of trash exported to Asia, according to the World Bank.

African swine fever continues to spread

HEALTH -- Scientists are racing to develop a vaccine for African swine fever before the virus spreads across the world. The disease, harmless to humans but deadly to pigs, has already devastated China’s pork industry.


Jul 26-28: F1 German GP at Hockenheim

F1 -- Mercedes will be aiming for another 1-2 at their home circuit, with Lewis Hamilton and teammate Valtteri Bottas holding a commanding lead in the drivers’ Championship ahead of the German GP at the Hockenheimring.

Aug 4: Czech Republic MotoGP in Brno

MOTOGP -- The tenth round of the MotoGP season takes place at the Masaryk Circuit, with championship leader Marc Marquez facing an increasing challenge from Yamaha’s Maverick Vinales as well as Ducati.

Jul 18-21: Royal Portrush hosts 148th Open

GOLF -- The 148th Open will be played at the Dunluce Links at Royal Portrush Golf Club in County Antrim, marking a historic return to Northern Ireland after a near 70-year absence.

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