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Italy declares state of emergency

AMATRICE -- Italy has declared a state of emergency in the mountainous region hit by a massive earthquake as hopes of finding more survivors fade.

The number of people killed has risen to 267, with 400 injured. More than 900 aftershocks have been registered since the quake struck on Wednesday.

Earth-like planet found orbiting nearest star

LA SILLA, Chile -- Scientists have found clear evidence of an Earth-like planet around Proxima Centauri – the nearest star to our own sun.

September World Agenda – print and responsive

LONDON -- Each month Graphic News moves a World Agenda -- an illustrated diary of upcoming events -- in both print format and as a responsive screen version.

Brazil’s Rousseff appears before Senate

BRASILIA -- Suspended president Dilma Rousseff is appearing before the Senate to offer testimony over accusations she violated the nation’s budget laws.

Brexit prompts more EU passport applications

LONDON -- In the two months since Britain’s vote to quit the European Union, EU embassies in London have reported increases in passport and citizenship applications.

Taliban advance in Afghanistan

AFGHANISTAN -- The Afghan Taliban now operates in more locations than it has since the U.S.-led invasion, following the 9/11 attacks by Al Qaeda, in 2001.

Russian troops deployed around Ukraine

UKRAINE -- Russia is upping the ante in Ukraine with an eye on the 25th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence on August 24 and the G20 summit on September 4.

Noose tightens on Islamic State

LONDON -- Territory controlled by the so-called Islamic State has decreased by a quarter since 2014. The group has been forced out of 12 towns and cities.

48-volt “mild hybrid” cars coming soon

LONDON -- New high-voltage “mild hybrids”, which use 48-volt batteries, cut both fuel consumption and emissions by boosting performance with electric power.

Sep 16: Updated Apple Watch launch rumour

CUPERTINO -- The major drawback of the Apple Watch has always been battery life. The next version will shrink components so the battery can be enlarged.

China test drives straddling bus

QINHUANGDAO -- A futuristic Transit Elevated Bus that aims to solve China’s overcrowded roads by straddling traffic lanes has undergone its first test drive in China.

Sep 13: Champions League group stage draw

CARDIFF, Wales -- The new Champions League season kicks off on September 13 and culminates with the final at Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium on June 3, 2017.

Sep 15: UEFA Europa League group stage draw

STOCKHOLM -- The Europa League season kicks off on September 15 and culminates with the final at Friends Arena in the Swedish capital on May 24, 2017.

Aug 29-Sep 11: U.S. Open tennis seedings

NEW YORK -- Defending champion Novak Djokovic heads the men's seeds at the final Grand Slam of the year, while six-time champion Serena Williams heads the women.

Aug 26-28: F1 Belgian Grand Prix

SPA-FRANCORCHAMPS -- Lewis Hamilton will be aiming to maintain his Championship lead after victory in Germany saw him overtake Mercedes teammate Nico Rosberg in the title race.

Aug 20-Sep 11: La Vuelta a España cycling

OURENSE, Galicia -- Three-time Tour de France winner Chris Froome, Nairo Quintana and Alberto Contador will all be challenging for the third and final Grand Tour of the year.

Sep 2-4: F1 Italian Grand Prix at Monza

MONZA -- The F1 paddock arrives in Italy for one of the oldest races on the Formula One calendar, held every year since the first Championship in 1950.


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