User Terms

Use of Content obtained from the Graphic News Website, for example by downloading, FTP, or Email, is subject to the User Terms below, and payment of an "Agreed Fee". All visitors to the Website must also agree to the Website Terms.

These User Terms were last updated February 2019 prior to the introduction of e-commerce facilities that allow Content to be downloaded after online payment. (see the Definitions with the Website Terms for the meaning of Content and other defined words.)

    • Use: Content may only be used for your own personal, non-professional interest and education, except for teachers who can use Content for their classroom teaching. Students may also include Content in scholastic projects
    • Publication: Users are only permitted to publish on personal blogs and social media where the user and the source is clearly identified.
    • Visual reference: For the avoidance of doubt, using content as visual reference by an artist requires a professional license, but designers can obtain permission to use JPG in pre-press page visuals.

    • Publication: Professional users with a Professional Editorial License are permitted to publish Content in an editorial context in print, digital media and social media publications belonging to and produced by the person, organization or company that paid the Agreed Fee.
    • Embed Code: Where embed is supplied via the Website this may be used to publish Content. NGN reserves the right to terminate the use of embed code by a User.
    • Re-Sale: Where the Agreed Fee is paid for by one person, organization or company, the license to publish may only be transferred to allow a single publication, and only under the same terms as the original license. An agency wishing to supply Content to multiple potential publishers needs a separate and different licence.
    • Re-Use:
      • Where the Agreed Fee relates to particular Content (and varies according to what and how much is used, as with a metered deal), the Content can be re-used, unless or until the License is terminated by the Contributor.
      • Where an Agreed Fee is paid to give access to content for a particular period and the amount paid is independent of how much is obtained or used (as in a subscription), publication is only permitted during the period of the subscription.
    • Modifications: Content may be published as supplied or modified, the words edited or translated, and the drawn elements re-used in alternative designs and situations, subject to inclusion of an appropriate credit. The Copyright of the Contributors is preserved because for the purpose of this agreement not only is the design and visualisation of the Content supplied protected, but also the elements, words and coding used in their construction and with which they are associated, and all rearrangements, modifications, or translations made of these regardless of the form or media in or on which the Content is supplied or stored or copied to.
    • Use as a Source: Professional Users with a Professional Editorial License may use the Content for their job or profession and share the Content with their colleagues working in the same organization. They may also use the Content as a source of information or visual reference to produce alternative visualizations.
    • Storage: Content may only be copied and stored to enable the permitted use. Subscribing users that are only permitted to use Content during the term of their subscription must not archive Content on their computers for use at a later date. When their subscription ends they are required to delete all Content on their storage devices to avoid unintentional publication without permission.

  3. CREDITS: An appropriate credit must always be included whenever Content is published.
    • If published with little or no modification, the credit should be as in the item supplied, for example GRAPHIC NEWS.
    • If the Graphic is modified by the user then this should be indicated in the credit, for example GRAPHIC NEWS/USER'S NAME.
    • The credit should only be abbreviated, for example to GN, when space limitations make a full credit impossible or when the credit relates to drawn elements, either used alone or contained within a larger graphic.
    • Graphic News, or other Contributor, should be quoted as a SOURCE if Content is used as visual reference, or the information within or associated within the Content is used .
    • Pictures included within Content may only be used in that context, and the source from whom the pictures were obtained should be included whenever that Content is published.
    • Metadata included within files downloaded giving information about the copyright should be retained with those files wherever possible.

  4. INDEMNITY: Contributors will take all reasonable efforts to make sure Content is suitable for the permitted use and that the appropriate third party permissions have been obtained; Users are responsible for the Content they publish and for making sure it does not breach any applicable laws, rules, regulations or local market conventions. Users must Notify NGN immediately should any problems arise with the Content; Remove Content from a website or similar recurring publication within 24 hours if reasonably requested by the NGN so to do; Indemnify The Contributor and the Website for any losses incurred due to failure of the User to comply with the terms of this agreement. In no event shall the Contributor nor the Website be liable for any loss or damage to the User arising due to a delay, or non-delivery, or use of any Content, including but not limited to technical factors such as viruses, or power failure or failure of the Publisher’s system.

  5. LIABILITY – as in the Website Terms
  6. LAW – as in the Website Terms
  7. DEFINITIONS –as in the Website Terms

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