Graphic News interactive graphics

Graphic News interactives are in HTML, are responsive, and produced using Tumult Hype Pro (from January 2017), or Adobe Edge Animate (2012 - 2016)


  • Cross platform compatibility: Interactive graphics in HTML5 can be viewed on platforms including iOS and Android devices.
  • Quality for high definition devices: Interactive Graphics include high-quality design and artwork that looks smart even when magnified, combined with cloud-served web fonts so that the visual appearance of the text is not at the mercy of local system fonts.
  • Ease of Use: Interactive graphics are hosted so you do not have to download graphics. Instead you can cut-and-paste the embed code onto your web page to publish in an iframe. | USING EMBED CODE |
  • Resizing:interactive graphics can be resized by changing the scale factor in the embed code. Interactives since July 2015 are responsive, automatically adjusting their width according to the screen on which they are viewed.| RESIZING |
  • Modifiable, Editable, Translatable: You can change the words or translate into another language with a simple text editor. No knowledge of Adobe Edge, Tumult Hype or HTML5 is necessary. But if you have such expertise, you can add pages or change the design and detail.| CHANGING THE WORDS | MODIFYING THE DESIGN |
  • Live data and Statistics Sport interactives can include results and statistics that update automatically, live during events. Trackers and guides for all Formula 1 Grand Prix, the three major cycling tours, and for all Soccer matches in the Premier League, Champions League and Europa League. Similarly with fast moving news events such as election results, graphics can be constructed that update automatically.
FAQ: Which file to download?
FAQ: Why don’t the words show in an interactive graphic?
FAQ: Can interactives be published without using iframe embed code?
FAQ: What browsers are your interactives compatible with?
FAQ: Do the fonts used change with the system or browser used to view the graphic?


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