Graphic News Alerts - What’s new?

If you want to follow Graphic News, alerts will notify you every time a new graphic is released. This is particularly important for page editors looking for stories to cover because graphics are scarce (relative to stories and pictures) and relate to specific news stories.

  • E-alerts: These show images and description of new graphics, with links to the Graphic News website to see further details or to obtain the graphic. They arrive directly to your mailbox and can easily be forwarded, for instance to your technical or graphics department.
  • RSS: Subscribing to these feeds avoids cluttering your mailbox and allows you to receive updates from any number of news sources in one location.
  • Twitter: Tweets give the headlines to new graphics, expand to give a visual of the graphic and the context, and then link to the Graphic News website. What you receive is under your control. This avoids the problem of rejection by SPAM filters and bouncing to which e-alerts are prone.
What’s new can also be seen on our website - on your computer, tablet or mobile.
  • The Latest news or sports graphics, or the latest in any other category, can be selected using the online index (see the icon on the top bar)
  • The Ticker shows what is in preparation today, visible below the top bar
  • The Planner/Schedule (accessed via the news and sport indices) shows graphics in preparation, both those due today and planned for the future, as well as topical graphics already available
  • The GN App is a very good way to keep up with what’s new if you use a mobile phone or tablet, and want to see responsive graphics or graphics with interactivity or animation. Bookmark the page you want to go to and direct the “bookmark” to your home screen. The most common bookmarks are the site’s home page, or the page showing the latest graphics in a particular language


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