Bob Hoare - Caricaturist and illustrator

The caricaturist and illustrator Bob Hoare joined the Graphic News team in June 1991

At that pre-internet time, JPG were too large to download in under 10 minutes using a modem linked to a telephone line. Images were therefore sketched on A3 paper (CS10 or Bristol Board), inked with a Rotring Pen, and then faxed in two pieces the Graphic News in London. They were then scanned and “coloured” in Adobe Illustrator 3.0. This resulted in files <200K. | CARICATURES - SKETCHED |

Then with the internet and faster download speeds, Bob drew caricatures and painted them himself with transparent oils, (mixing oil paints with liquin) and delivered the files as JPG. | CARICATURES - PAINTED |

Using this method he also produced a series of movie illustrations | MOVIE ILLUSTRATIONS |

More recently he has experimented with a different style. His illustrations were drawn with coloured crayons, sprayed with a fixative, and then when dried, oil paint applied.| CRAYON PORTRAITS |

All images are now available as JPG

TECHNICAL NOTE from BOB:- I obtain as many pictures of my subject as I can, either from the internet, books or photographs. I then produce rough sketches until I am satisfied with the likeness.

Next, I trace this off and continue to work up the caricature to a final likeness, before transferring to my board. (For many years, my preferred board has been an Italian Fabriano board.) I use a transfer sheet with a coating of Zeebrite grate polish. My transfer tool is a bradawl stuck through a squash ball -- This may sound strange but it works because the squash ball makes it easier to grip.

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