FAQ: Which file to download?

At the point of download the link show the type of graphic rather than the actual filenames, i.e. (JPG:print). What options you see will depend on what permissions you have.
FAQ: Why do some files open on screen rather than download?
FAQ: How are files named?

Publishers are able to download the full range of editable graphics, the designations used for current formats and for legacy formats in the archive are shown below:

    ZIP:print Downloads a file GN12345P_print_EN. zip that decompresses to a folder containing:
    • GN12345C_EN.ai -- Editable (Adobe Illustrator CS4 file) (i.e. NOT Acrobat compatible)
      GN12345C_EN.pdf -- Print/read-only (i.e. NOT editable in Adobe Illustrator)
      GN12345C_EN.jpg -- Print 300 dpi

    Archive graphics in legacy formats may be identified as AI: Editable and PDF: Print/Read-only (Adobe Illustrator CS2 pre- February 2016), or AI: Legacy (colour), AI: Legacy (B&W) (Adobe Illustrator 3 or 8, 1991-2005)

    ZIP:screen Downloads to file GN12345R_screen_EN.zip that decompresses to a folder containing:
    • GN12345R_EN.ai -- master editable file in Adobe Illustrator CS4 that can be converted to HTML using the AI2HTML script
      GN12345R_EN -- folder containing the .html and images produced from the master .ai file by the ai2html script
      GN12345R_EN.jpg -- Landscape preview visual (300px wide x 200px deep)

    ZIP:Interactive Downloads to file GN12345W_interactive_EN.zip that decompresses to a folder containing one folder (Tumult Hype) or two folders (Adobe Edge Animate).
    • Tumult Hype: The single folder is named GN12345W_min_EN . It incudes a .json file containing the text for the graphic - which can therefore be modified with a simple text editor, and a master Hype file which can be edited | MODIFYING INTERACTIVES |
    • Adobe Edge Animate:
      GN12345W_master_EN Folder containing master editable Adobe Edge Animate files
      GN12345W_min_EN Folder containing minimized graphic for publication on a website. The text .xml can be edited in a simple text editor without access to Adobe Edge Animate. It is identical to the .xml in the master folder
      • GN12345V_EN.jpg
          (JPG:Preview) Preview visual of interactive graphic. Also available separately

          Archive non-responsive interactives are identified as ZIP: Editable and ZIP:Web -- Adobe Edge Animate (2012-August 2015) or Adobe Flash (.SWF) (2000-2012)

        • TEXT FILES
          TXT Caption Downloads to file GN12345_nnnwords_ EN.txt (Plain Text / Unicode 8) containing captions of graphic for translators or editors
          TXT: Story Story accompanying graphic
          TXT: SetCode Key to code identifying which file is which when graphics are packaged as a set with the same graphic number, e.g. GN12345C_setcode_EN.ai
          TXT: EventCode Key to code for interactive graphic that can show different events depending on the EventCode used with the embed code

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