Graphic News — Introducing the Team

Graphic News is a small creative company – a small team with a large international footprint – telling world news and sport stories visually in a succinct and distinctive format.

The production team has 6 “core” members:

  • Five full-time “graphic” journalists (Duncan Mil, Jordi Bou, Phil Bainbridge, Ninian Carter, Mike Tyler, Christopher Dinsdale)
  • A “words” journalist Julie Mullins who acts as page editor, proofer, studio manager

  • In addition, there are various part-time specialists: Ben Mullins (interactive graphic designer), Susan Shepherd (page editor and proofer), Jim Batsis (specialist artist), Tony Mullins (design consultant), Neil Winton (specialist motoring journalist), Jennifer Anderson (future events journalist, Editor-in-Chief of GN Newsahead)
The support team has 4 members:
  • Jane Brodie (editorial support/marketing/sales, Spanish/French speaker)
  • Fiona Roberts (accounts payable, strategic planning, editorial support)
  • Elena Yiannakis (accounts receivable, editorial support, Russian speaker)
  • Jennifer Bermudez (sales/marketing, social media, Spanish speaker/traveller)
For translation and to edit the foreign language services:
  • Walid Traboulsi (Arabic translation and graphics editor)
  • Frits van Someren (Dutch)
  • Traute Redlich (German)
  • Rui Fernandes de Carvalho (Portuguese)
  • Carmen Rosas Chávez (Spanish)
There are no full-time managers or directors at Graphic News. Everyone is a “practitioner”, management roles being taken on in addition as and when needed. Duncan Mil, Phil Bainbridge, Fiona Roberts and Jane Brodie are also company directors.

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FAQ: How are graphics translated?

Welcome to Graphic News

Please get in the habit of logging in when you arrive as some pages may soon be restricted. If you are new to Graphic News there is a Website Guide to help you find your way around.

November 24, 2017 — Ai2HTML screen graphics - The script has been updated to allow multiple screen graphics to be published on the same web page. Click here for instructions

November 24, 2017 — Training - mobile graphics- The GN AI2HTML method is very fast and easy. It allows designers with conventional design skills to produce responsive “mobile” friendly graphics to meet news deadlines. Contact helpdesk @ if you would like to join our next training course.

If you need help or have questions at any time, please contact us