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YEAR END: Year in review 2017 interactive (Graphic DUE Dec 18, 16:00GMT)

YEAR END: Year in review 2017 (Graphic DUE Dec 14, 16:00GMT)

YEAR END: Last Farewells 2017 interactive (Photomontage DUE Dec 13, 16:00GMT)

YEAR END: Last Farewells 2017 (Photomontage DUE Dec 11, 16:00GMT)

MILITARY: Mission to rescue Argentine submarine interactive (Interactive DUE Nov 24, 17:00GMT)

WORLD AGENDA: December 2017 interactive (Interactive DUE Nov 24, 16:00GMT)

WORLD AGENDA: December 2017 (Graphic DUE Nov 24, 13:50GMT)

POLITICS: Australia’s immigration centres factbox (Graphic)

POLITICS: UK Budget – Public sector net investment (Graphic)

POLITICS: UK Budget – Public sector net debt (Graphic)

POLITICS: UK Budget – OBR estimate of effect of Government decisions on borrowing (Graphic)

POLITICS: UK Budget – OBR productivity growth forecast (Graphic)

MILITARY: Worst submarine accidents (Graphic)

POLITICS: UK Budget – Cyclically-adjusted borrowing (Graphic)

POLITICS: UK Budget – GDP growth (Graphic)

POLITICS: UK Budget – Public sector borrowing (Graphic)

POLITICS: Emmerson Mnangagwa factbox (Graphic)

WAR CRIMES: Ratko Mladic factbox (1) (Graphic)

MILITARY: HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier (1) (Graphic)

POLITICS: Key players in post-coup Zimbabwe (1) (Graphic UPDATED Nov 21)

ON THIS DAY: November 26 - December 2, 2017 (week 48) (Graphic)

MILITARY: Argentinian submarine rescue mission (Graphic)

MILITARY: Search for missing Argentinian submarine (Graphic)

AVIATION: Airbus Vahana air taxi (Graphic)

SCIENCE: Mystery radioactive cloud over Europe (Graphic)

ART: Leonardo da Vinci shatters auction record (Graphic)

BUSINESS: Zimbabwe factbox (Graphic)

BUSINESS: Venezuela on brink of bankruptcy (Graphic)

CLIMATE: First CO2 rise in four years (Graphic)

MIDEAST: Iran-Saudi rivalry escalates (Graphic)

ARCHITECTURE: Dubai Frame building (Graphic)

CLIMATE: 2017 set to be among three hottest years (Graphic)

ON THIS DAY: November 19-25, 2017 (week 47) (Graphic)

SAUDI ARABIA: Haramain high-speed train (Graphic)

ART: Louvre Abu Dhabi (Graphic)

MOTORING: Honda Acura NSX interactive (Interactive)

WORLD AGENDA: November 2017 interactive (Interactive)

AVIATION: Bell V-280 Valor interactive (Interactive)

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