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Graphic News Schedule (news) 22/09/2017

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WORLD AGENDA: October 2017 interactive (Interactive)

BRAZIL: Oil and gas auction (Graphic)

WORLD AGENDA: October 2017 (Graphic)

MILITARY: Kalashnikov Chukavin SVCh sniper rifle (Graphic)

POLITICS: Spain steps up raids to halt Catalan vote (Graphic)

DISASTERS: Search for Mexico earthquake survivors (Graphic)

ENTERTAINMENT: Star Trek Discovery TV series (Graphic)

DISASTERS: Mexico earthquake (Graphic)

ECONOMICS: Catalonia in figures (1) (Graphic UPDATED Sep 19)

CHINA: Communist Party Congress (Graphic)

SYRIA: Race for Deir al-Zour province (Graphic)

WEATHER: Hurricane Maria (Graphic)

ON THIS DAY: September 24-30, 2017 (week 39) (Graphic)

IRAQ: Kurdish referendum vote (Graphic)

NORTH KOREA: Kim Jung-un’s rocket men (Graphic)

MILITARY: North Korea fires new missile over Japan (Graphic)

TERRORISM: Explosion on London underground train (Graphic)

MOTORING: Porsche Panamera PHEV interactive (Interactive)

POLITICS: Parties standing in German election (Graphic)

MIDEAST: Russia says much of Syria won back (Graphic)

TECH: Apple iPhone X revealed (Graphic)

MYANMAR: Rohingya refugee exodus grows (Graphic)

ENERGY: North-South Gas Corridor (Graphic)

NORTH KOREA: Nuclear EMP threat (Graphic)

MILITARY: Russian war games raise tensions (Graphic)

MILITARY: North Korea conventional weapons (Graphic)

NORTH KOREA: Missile tests interactive (Interactive)

MILITARY: U.S. ICBM defence system (Graphic)

WORLD AGENDA: September 2017 interactive (1) (Interactive UPDATED Aug 30)

WORLD AGENDA: September 2017 (Graphic)

TRANSPORT: India first bullet train (1) (Graphic UPDATED Aug 4)

SPACE: Dual satellite mission to Mercury (Graphic)

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