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Graphic News Schedule (news) Fri, 17 Feb 2017 18:12:48

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IN PREP: MILITARY New U.S. aircraft carrier (commissioning date delayed)

IN PREP: GAMING Nintendo Switch (interactive, DUE WK Feb 20)

IN PREP: INDIA Second strike capability (107mm, DUE wk Feb 20)

SCIENCE Eighth continent discovered (print, digital)

SCIENCE Mount Everest movement (print, digital)

ECONOMY Greece debt crunch (print, digital)

N KOREA Assassinations (print, digital)

EGYPT New radar survey of Tutankhamun’s tomb (print)

MILITARY CHINA defence spending (print)

N KOREA Ruling family (print, digital Update )

MILITARY Eastern Europe view of NATO (print, digital)

ON THIS DAY Feb 19-25 (print)

AUSTRALIA Record-breaking heatwave (print)

NORTH KOREA Pukguksong missile test (print, digital)

U.S. Dam risk prompts California evacuation (print, digital)

MOVIES BAFTA Awards 2017 (print)

MUSIC Grammy Awards 2017 (print)

U.S. Trump's 84 lawsuits (print, digital)

U.S. Trump’s Mexico “wall” could cost $21bn (print, digital)

ENVIRONMENT Bolivia battles locust plague (print, digital)

BUSINESS Australia's negative equity (print, digital)

CHINA Missile threat to U.S. bases (print, digital)

ELECTIONS Schulz poll boost for German socialists (print, digital)

CRIME Mass hangings at Syrian prison (print, digital)

AFGHANISTAN Civilian casualties highest ever (print, digital)

POLITICS France presidential candidates (print)

WORLD U.S. eyes cuts to UN peacekeeping (print, digital)

MILITARY Russia Arctic build-up (print, digital)

NEWS AHEAD February 2017 (interactive)

U.S. New U.S. Embassy in London (print, digital)

CHINA New Silk Road to Europe (print, digital)

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