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ENTERTAINMENT: How “Abbatars” will bring back ABBA (Graphic DUE Oct 17, 16:00GMT)

Updated: (or update due)

TURKEY: Saudi journalist disappearance (1) (Graphic UPDATED Oct 11)

HISTORY: ON THIS DAY “interactive” (Weeks 41-24) (Interactive UPDATED Oct 2)

SPACE: “RemoveDEBRIS” – space junk hunter interactive (1) (Interactive UPDATED Sep 28)

WWI CENTENARY: Cost of war (1) (Graphic UPDATED Aug 30)

WWI CENTENARY: Poppy and Remembrance Day (1) (Graphic UPDATED Aug 30)


YEMEN: Threat of “worst famine in 100 years” (Graphic)

EU: Theresa May’s Brexit options (Graphic)

CLIMATE CHANGE: Soaring cost of disasters (Graphic)

MARKETS: Investors dump equities (Graphic)

WEATHER: Most intense hurricanes to hit U.S. (Graphic)

AVIATION: Zunum Aero ZA10 (Graphic)

MILITARY: Russia’s GRU attacks (Graphic)

MARKETS: Stock rout rolls through Asia (Graphic)

TECH: Smart displays — the new household gadget of choice (Graphic)

POLITICS: High-level White House departures (Graphic)

U.S.: A century of fighting for control of Congress (Graphic)

MILITARY: Russia threat to north Europe (Graphic)

WEATHER: Hurricane Michael (Graphic)

U.S.: Midterm elections guide (Graphic)

CLIMATE CHANGE: UN report on global warming of 1.5C (Graphic)

NOBEL PRIZE: Economics winner 2018 (Graphic)

BUSINESS: India farm crisis (Graphic)

POLITICS: Brazil election result (Graphic)

MILITARY: Boeing E-7 Wedgetail radar plane (Graphic)

NOBEL PRIZE: Peace winners 2018 (Graphic)

U.S.: Midterm election poll (Graphic)

BUSINESS: Europe’s dirty money scandal (Graphic)

MILITARY: India-Russia S-400 missile deal (Graphic)

ENTERTAINMENT: 80th anniversary of War of the Worlds radio broadcast (Graphic)

SPACE: 50th Anniversary of NASA’s Apollo programme interactive (Interactive)

EARTHQUAKE: Palu damage assessment (Graphic)

MEDICAL: Gaming aggression link (Graphic)

NOBEL PRIZE: Chemistry winners 2018 (Graphic)

YEMEN: Hodeidah cholera cases surge (Graphic)

POLITICS: Global confidence poll (Graphic)

MOTORING: Decade of the electric car (Graphic)

NOBEL PRIZE: Physics winners 2018 (Graphic)

HISTORY: On this day October 14-20, 2018 (week 42) (Graphic)

HISTORY: On this day October 7-13, 2018 (week 41) (Graphic)

ENVIRONMENT: Electricity could save Great Barrier Reef (Graphic)

EARTHQUAKE: Indonesia death toll rises (Graphic)

CRIME: Sexual violence in the U.S. (Graphic)

NOBEL PRIZE: Medicine winners 2018 (Graphic)

EARTHQUAKE: Tsunami hits Indonesia’s Palu (Graphic)

ENVIRONMENT: Patagonia’s “Route of Parks” unveiled (Graphic)

UK ROYALS: Harry and Meghan’s first overseas tour (Graphic)

BUSINESS: Selling citizenship (Graphic)

ENVIRONMENT: Orcinus orca killer whale picture 1 (Picture)

ENVIRONMENT: Orcinus orca killer whale picture 2 (Graphic)

ENVIRONMENT: Killer whale pollution (Graphic)

SPACE: 50th Anniversary of NASA’s Apollo programme (Graphic)

RUSSIA: UK spy poisoning suspect identified (Graphic)

LOGO: NASA 60th anniversary (Artwork)

BUSINESS: Iran-EU oil swap plan (Graphic)

MILITARY: Ukraine-Russia conflict spreads to sea (Graphic)

DUBAI: QE2 floating hotel (Graphic)

WORLD AGENDA: October 2018 interactive (Interactive)

BUSINESS: Japan car tariffs threat (Graphic)

WORLD AGENDA: October 2018 (Graphic)

BRAZIL: Presidential election candidates (Graphic)

ARCHAEOLOGY: Captain Cook’s Endeavour “located” (Graphic)

AVIATION: World’s longest commercial flight (Graphic)

MILITARY: NATO exercise Trident Juncture 2018 (Graphic)

WWI CENTENARY: Western Front interactive (Interactive)

WWI CENTENARY: New borders of Middle East (Graphic)

WWI CENTENARY: New borders of Middle East interactive (Interactive)

WWI CENTENARY: Mesopotamia campaign (Graphic)

WWI CENTENARY: Western Front (Graphic)

WWI CENTENARY: War timeline interactive (Interactive)

WWI CENTENARY: War timeline (1) (Graphic)

HISTORY: How World War I reshaped Europe (Graphic)

HISTORY: Royal Air Force centenary (Graphic)

WWI CENTENARY: Gallipoli campaign (Graphic)

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