Stay ahead of the news with GN Newsahead

GN Newsahead is a forward planning tool for people interested in world news.

GN Newsahead is produced by Graphic News in partnership with Jennifer Anderson Land, Editor-in-Chief, Newsahead to improve our ability to process the almost limitless information that is now available online as we search for interesting and relevant news stories.

Newsahead has been a leader in foresight journalism since 1997, delivering world news before it happens ... providing foresight and insight for award-winning news coverage.

  • GN Newsahead offers a look at world news before it happens, selected by experienced editors for global interest and regional headlines
  • Less is more: Newsahead doesn't deliver random events - entries are chosen for their ability to generate global interest and regional headlines
  • The international view: Curated by experienced editors with years of background knowledge and contextual information, able to decide if an event is likely to be of interest internationally
  • A synopsis of the news significance: Explains why the event is potentially newsworthy, with links to further information
  • Easy to integrate: Select and review your personalised choice of events, then download in a range of formats suitable for importing into your own calendar or database
  • Alerts: Sent by email for the WeekAhead or MonthAhead

GN Newsahead is now available with Graphic News but restricted to the WeekAhead (registered visitors) or MonthAhead (members and subscribers). Please contact us if you would like a longer view, be notified of event changes, or receive the YearAhead calendar

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